Asheville’s Like Chocolate!

As I write this post we are relieved that everyone back home is safe from the earthquakes and seems in good spirits. The hard thing about being away from home for a long period of time is all the friends and family that you cant just pop around to see.

Life in Asheville is like eating a piece of chocolate – you can’t wait to get your hands on it and then it just melts in your mouth and you want a little more.  We are starting to feel very familar with the city and the surroundings and each day we explore a little further and discover the places we want to go.

I have to say driving on the other side of the road took a little getting use to and you have to teach yourself to look the opposite way and even north and south are in the wrong place so I struggle to navigate my way round so I need my trusty sidekick to help me who always just giggles when I get it wrong.  So far I have lived in shorts, tee shirt and jandals as the weather is very humid in the mid 20’s.

Asheville is well known for its food,(vegetarian everywhere – whats wrong with these people!), beer – lots of breweries (reminds us of the wineries at home, just as many of them) and the arts.  There is music everywhere and concerts playing most nights so we have lots too chose from for entertainment – the best concert so far has been JJ Grey that Charlotte has posted about. My favourite food place has been the 12 Bones Smokehouse for ribs ( the boys back home will be pleased to hear I am getting my share of meat)  the smokehouse is a popular place with queues out the door but very quick service – President Obama has been twice but he didnt show up the day we went!  The best brewery so far is the Asheville brewing Company which is just down the road from where we live – good beer (even Charlotte had one – good on you mate!) and they have a movie threatre attached to it and a separate kids room with big screens showing cartoons and car racing games – Jacob heaven.

The house we have rented is working out very well – we struck gold and it’s exactly what he hoped it would be – very comfortable and in a great part of town with lots of trees and great neighbourhoods to walk around. it has a huge back yard where we are playing lots of games with Jacob. We have been having lots of family meals outside on the back terrace watching the squirrals and bird life playing around Jacobs favourite tree that we have called ‘bucky” as we can climb aboard and sail around the back yard on it.

My yoga classes are not going too well – the yoga master is definitely not going to pass me but i am holding our for merit! I havent had a bourbon since leaving home so starting to have withdrawal problems but I did enjoy having the time to watch the PGA Golf Championship on TV and seeing Jason Duffner in action – cool guy.

Spending family time together is pretty awesome – We have been making lots of lego trains and been to a couple of kids movies with Jacob (turbo – very cool! and planes – lots of flying action) and now that we have found some babysitters Charlotte and I having some meals, movies and shows out at night (like date nights all over again – i am trying to remember all the old one liners!)

What did I do with that chocolate? and oh, by the way, I can nearly get a rubberband on my ponytail!

Lv to you all – Markey!



2 thoughts on “Asheville’s Like Chocolate!

  1. So good to hear you are having a blast Mark 🙂
    It took me a while to realize it was you writing – you must do more – you are very good at it.
    Love the analogy! Love to you all & enjoy every minute xoxo

  2. Hey Mark, took me right up until the ‘what’s wrong with these people’ remark and beer to realise it was you writing….I agree with Sally, you’re good at it.
    A ponytail… to see that.
    The MBC won the top of the South 1st XV competition (Press Cup) against Nelson Boys last Saturday. Paul said it was a brilliant match (I enjoyed a cuppa tea by the fire instead.)
    Been under my desk at work a bit but nothing major unlike the poor Seddon and Ward folks.
    Take care with the driving…..and good luck with your co pilot….giggling indeed.
    Love Rae

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